Pat’s Floral Designs

This showcase is in a big way due to Pat and Sherry at Pat’s Floral Designs.  A mother and daughter team – you will never meet more nice or more talented ladies.  They have been beyond generous to this showcase and I can not wait to see what beautiful displays they come with.   I love working with Pat and Sherry because they understand the beauty of each flower and know how to really showcase that.  Also – when a client speaks budget – they hear them!  Easy to work with and delightful to have a part of your day – this is a not to be missed vendor at the show!

1st Annual Sweely Estate Winery Bridal Showcase!



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Gibson Tent Rental

Gibson Rental

Welcome Gibson Rental to the Bridal Showcase.  If you are in need of rentals or at an outdoor venue and thinking you need that weather backup – please stop by and say hello!  Gibson Rental of Orange is locally owned and operated and has been serving Central Virginia for the past 22 years.  We specialize in tent rentals for weddings, parties, and other special events.   Please contact us for further information:  540-661-0001 or

Special Events and Parties

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Face Value Studio

If you have not made your reservation yet – call now to schedule your complimentary one-on-one consultation with Face Value Studio at the Sweely Estate Winery Bridal Showcase.  Jennifer Hamlin, Events with Panache , is happy to make your reservation now!  434.973.7185 or

Here is a recent testimonial on Lucinda’s services

Hi Lucinda,

You were amazing! I truly felt like a queen and still myself at the same time. I’ve never gotten so many compliments in my life! We found the perfect balance! You’re so easy to work with. I had such a fun time with you before my wedding and I really appreciate your hard work. You’re wonderful!

And check out one her most recent brides – the new wife of the CEO of

And some beautiful visuals!  Once you meet Lucinda and the talented Ladies of Face Value Studio, you will be thrilled to have them be a part of your very special day.

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Sugar Magnolias in the spotlight

Sugar Magnolias’ orientation is to take a seasonal approach.  Located in the Southeast we are fortunate to have a long growing season and many bountiful gardens just around the bend.  We cut from a network of gardens cared for by amazing Virginia gardeners, growers, and friends.

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Carpe Donut

You will have one of two reactions when you hear Carpe Donut will be at the Bridal Showcase.  #1 what is a Carpe Donut? or #2 mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

For those who are in the #1 category, Carpe Donut is Charlottesville’s beloved Donut Man, Matt Rhodie.  Arriving in his adorable Donut Truck, you will quickly turn into the #2 person when you get your first smells of the hot organic cider donuts made on-site.   To quote Matt “We believe in real food. We believe in organic food. We believe in locally-produced food. We also believe in lots of pure cane sugar, because hey, a donut is a donut!”

That said – why a donut truck at the bridal show?  Well it happens to be one of the hottest tickets in town to have Carpe Donut at your event as the guests hit the dance floor and the real party breaks out.  Your wedding guests will be thrilled to see Carpe Donut at your reception and to taste the delicacies.


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Gentry’s Catering Services, LLC

Welcome to Gentry’s Catering Services, LLC!  Mr. Gentry will be joining us for the bridal showcase and I can not wait to taste some of the heavenly fare!  Be sure to stop by their booth and say hello!

Established in 1981, Gentry’s Catering is a preferred caterer at many of Central Virginia’s best wedding venues, including the Sweely Winery Estate.   For the best in Virginia country cuisine and great service, contact Gentry’s Catering.

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Festive Fare Rentals

Festive Fare will be spotlighting the freshest rentals for 2010.  Always up to date on the latest trends, Festive Fare Rentals will showcase what’s hot at the Sweely Bridal Show.  Their display in the Vitners Ballroom is sure to be a show stopper!  Bring your camera to remember the details that you love and want to incoporate into your big day.  You can also check out all all their linens, china, stemware, chairs…you name it at   Festive Fare is also a generous sponsor of all rentals at the Bridal Showcase.


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Blue Ridge Light Forms

1st Annual Sweely Estate Winery Bridal Showcase wants to thank our amazing sponsor – Blue Ridge Light Forms.  Joe and Larry have been hard at work coming up with ideas on how to WOW you as you walk into the Sweely Estate Winery Vitners Ballroom.  Always wonderful to work with, Joe will be on-site to talk with brides so be sure to stop by and see him.

The best compliment that I have ever received from a client on Blue Ridge Light Form was when Matt, my groom married in September, came up to me during the reception and gushed about the lighting in the tent.  “The lighting that Blue Ridge put up changed the entire evening.  It was the best money we spent on the wedding”.  Looking out into the beautifully lit tables and dancefloor – I totally agreed with him!

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Albemarle Vintage Limousine

I am thrilled to announce that Albemarle Vintage Limousine will be joining us at the bridal showcase.  Andrea with Albemarle Vintage will be showcasing two of her gorgeous cars.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to check out Albemarle Vintage Limousine,, this business is one that is special to Charlottesville.    These vintage cars are more than just transportation to and from your wedding, they become a showpiece on your wedding day.  Your guests will ooh and aah as you arrive and your photographs will be treasured of your first pictures as newlyweds in one of Andrea’s premier cars.

1949 Fleetwood Cadillac1940 Packard1967 Mark II

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Sweely Estate Bridal Showcase gets some attention!

Listen for our ad spots on Z95 and for the opportunity to win two complimentary tickets to the bridal showcase! C’ville SuzySaid has also posted about the showcase at Be sure to check out for all the hot happenings in C’ville every day!

Thank you to the wonderful Claire Goodman for also posting about the showcase on Be sure to watch for Claire at the showcase, she will be there to highlight us on the blog!

Big thanks also to Cramer Photo and Jennifer Carroll for posting on their blogs as well! Both will be at the showcase, so be sure to stop by their booths to say hello! Also check out their blogs at and

suzyJennifer Carroll

Lite Rock Z95

Lite Rock Z95

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